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Version Control - introduction and exercises


NECT - Not Even Close To

This is part 2 of our NECT-series (Not Even Close To). A series in small parts for web developer beginners.

About This Course

Version control allows collaborative development which makes it easy for teams to work together on projects. The effective use of version control is important and a useful skill for developers to have in their tool kit.

This course is well suited for beginners. The course will introduce you to the basics of using a version control system called Git and a collaboration platform called GitHub for your own solo projects as well as a collaboration tool for projects involving many developers. One Online Meet with instructor/coach is included in the course.


Although this course does not involve any programming, learners who have a basic knowledge of programming might find it easier to follow along. Also, experience of using the command line will come in handy though not mandatory as we will go over the very basics before moving on to more advanced topics.