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Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Coding as a Craft Bootcamp

Coding as a Craft - in 12 weeks

With Craft Academy's 12-week coding camp. you'll learn the core skills of a web developer during a fast paced, fully immersive camp and get yourself up to speed.

The concept is simple, it is a 12 week intensive coding camp. The aim is to teach you the fundamentals of web development, enabling you to hit the ground running – and keep running. But what is important is that modern engineering practices are considered to be part of this foundation. As a student, you work from day one with automated testing, continuous integration and deployment, and other essential skills. Meaning that when you enter the workforce and are faced with problem, your instinct will be to solve right rather than just hacking a solution together.

Course Staff

Thomas Ochman

Thomas Ochman's worktitle is "Developer Of Software And People". He's the founder of Craft Academy, a Web developer Bootcamp based in Sweden and he spends most of his days talking about Software Craftsmanship and coaching students how to build applications. He is devoted to agile methods and the process of working and communicating with customers, developers and other stakeholders in order to ensure that communication flows effectively and that the job gets done. Thomas is also a co-founder and project leader for the Agile Ventures online project incubator initiative, managing a distributed group of developers from around the world. Humbly, he wants to make the world a better place - one "Line Of Code" at a time. As a part of his commitment to society, he devotes a big chunk of his time to open source software development and charity projects.